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Terms and conditions

A.S.K Studio and the Clients agree with the following Terms and Conditions:


Entire Agreement

The Agreement contains entire understandings between A.S.K Studio and the Client named in the photography & videography contract. Changes or additions to this agreement only be recognized if signed by both parties.



An electronically signed photography & videography contract and a 20% non-refundable deposit are required to secure your booking. Final payment is required no later than 5 business days after the wedding.

A.S.K Studio has rights to detain the photos and videos before receiving the final payment.

All payments are GST included. All additional costs such as location entry fees or drone application fees, etc. are the responsibility of and are paid for by the Client.


Terms changes

Terms and Conditions may change at any time, you accept to read the latest Terms before making the bookings. Our terms and conditions apply to all previous, current and future clients.



Contracted deposit is non-refundable. 

If the event or wedding is forced to be cancelled by uncontrollable factors, including natural disasters, pandemic, national emergencies, crime etc. payment will be held forever for re-booking but not refundable.

If A.S.K Studio are unable to attend the photography & videography for whatever reasons, all payment must be refunded to clients and A.S.K Studio has responsible to find a professional photographer for your weddings and events.


Run-sheet Schedules

Clients need to provide A.S.K Studio with a run-sheet schedule no shorter than 7 days prior to the wedding date. Any change must inform A.S.K Studio before the wedding date. A.S.K Studio will not be responsible for any photos and videos omissions due to unknown changes.


Restrictions from venues

A.S.K Studio is obliged to obey the rules of churches and venues. If the venues restrict the movement of photographers or the use of flash etc. Clients are responsible to ask for themselves and inform A.S.K Studio before the wedding date. A.S.K Studio will not be responsible for any photos and videos omissions due to uninformed restrictions.


Copyright & use

Copyright of the photos and videos are retained by A.S.K Studio, clients have rights for personal use only. Any commercial use must be approved by A.S.K Studio. If clients want to give photos to their vendors for social media or website use, a credit to A.S.K Studio must be given in the form of either a social media or a website link. 

Our social media link is 

and our website link is

A.S.K Studio may use the photos and videos for promotion use. If clients do not wish to have their photos and videos published, please must inform A.S.K Studio in advance.


Style & Editing Process

Clients should check our portfolio before booking us to know familiar with our photos and videos style.

If clients have their ideas about styles please inform A.S.K Studio and provide sample photos and footage before wedding date.​​​​​​​



A.S.K Studio will keep finished JPEG photos & final videos for 3 years and RAW photos of the selected ones for 2 years.



Photos and videos will be delivered through Google Drive within 10 business days.

If clients need copies in USB drive, USB will be provided together with photo albums.


Digital files loss or damage

In the case of digital file loss, A.S.K Studio has full responsibility and will process a full refund of all payment by clients. A.S.K Studio will also be obliged to do make-ups for clients.



A.S.K Studio will take every effort to capture as many as beautiful and important moments for clients.

If clients have ideas or special needs for photos, videos or recordings, a list must be written before the wedding date.

If encounters extremely bad weather, A.S.K Studio will try their best but can not guarantee still able to capture everything.


Guest Cooperation

The client is responsible for the conduct of their guests. If misconduct of their guests resulting in an unacceptable abuse, or equipment damages, it will result in the early or immediate departure of the photographer. In such condition, no refunds will be granted and damaged equipment will need to be paid by clients.

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